Patient RECORDS & Privacy Policy

Torrey Pines Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

1. It is our office policy to comply with all patient record privacy requirements of Federal and State law and the Codes of Ethics of the American Dental Association and the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. 

2. All employees are responsible for knowing and complying with the requirements for confidentiality of patient records. The ultimate responsibility for compliance rests with the doctors.

3. We submit insurance claims both electronically and by mail.  The information submitted by the patient or his/her guardian is documented on ADA or AMA approved standard claims for processing.  

4. We make patient records available to our staff for patient care purposes.  Without specific patient consent we also may share pertinent information with third party payors, other health care providers involved with patient care related to the conditions we are treating  (e.g. referring doctors, consulting doctors, laboratories and hospitals), peer review organizations and qualified quality-of-care auditors. 

5. With a patient’s consent, we will share information with other outside health care providers, insurance companies, disability assessors, attorneys and others specified by the patient.

6. Patients are entitled to a copy of pertinent portions of their office records, with at least three working days notice and our receipt of a copying fee.

7. All original records including chart notes, radiographs, laboratory reports and financial data are the property of this office and will never be released to any person or agency.

8. All patient-related records requiring disposal will be shredded prior to being placed in an approved disposal receptacle.  It is our office policy to retain inactive records for ten (10) years.  

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