X-Guide™ Navigational Implant Placement

X-Guide Navigational Implant Placement

With X-Guide™ by X-Nav real-time 3-D navigation, we are able to offer our patients a same-day guided surgery implant experience. Guided implant surgery offers advanced precision, which translates to a dental implant that looks better, fits better and lasts longer.

Advanced Technology

X-Guide Navigational Implant Placement image of tooth

By combining X-Guide™ by X-Nav and our cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) 3-D imaging system, we are able to guide the dental implant into a better position, depth and angle for enhanced function in real-time by monitoring the position while the implant is being placed. A color-tracking feature measures drill depth as we work and helps us to deliver 100% individualized care based on patient needs.

Benefits of X-Guide™ by X-Nav

  • Precision Placement
  • Minimally Invasive (Smaller Incisions)
  • Accuracy
  • Better Functioning
  • Enhanced Aesthetics

Intraoral Scanner Impressions with X-Guide™ by X-Nav

X-Guide™ by X-Nav uses an intraoral scanner to create impressions virtually – no sticky impression material required. In addition to providing better comfort, this method also produces better aesthetic and functional results.

X-Guide Navigational Implant Placement image of jaw

X-Guide™ by X-Nav has enhanced the dental experience at all levels, including patient cost.

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