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Dental Implants and Bruxism article
Is Bruxism Damaging your Dental Implant?
In this article, Dr. Sidal discusses Bruxism (teeth grinding), and how it can damage dental implants, result in bone loss and even result in failure of the implant. Read more to find out how to protect your dental implant.

Importance of Mouth and Facial Protection article
Sports Injuries: Protecting the Face and Mouth
Facial and oral injuries are often forgotten when it comes to “sports injuries”. In recognition of Facial Protection Month (April), Dr. Sidal talks about the importance of protecting the face and mouth from injury while still enjoying sports and an active lifestyle.

Oral Infection: Prevention is the Key
Preventing Serious Oral Infection
Dr. Sidal discusses serious oral infections that can potentially progress into life-threatening situations, and how to prevent them through regular dental screenings.

Behind the Bridle article
Giving Back to the Community
Learn how Torrey Pines Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery is giving back to the community with the sponsorship of junior equestrian rider Alexus Willson!

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